UAE Energy smallster optimistic about recovery

UAE Energy smallster Suhail al-Mazroui is optimistic about the recovery of the oil market in the first quarter of 2019, Bloomberg reported, citing the smallster’s words during a speech in Abu Dhabi.

Oil price / GORDON page 2.

From the middle of 2014, the price of benchmark oil began to decline. The price reached a five-year low by the end of 2014 and continued to fall in 2015. At the end of November 2016, after the Organization of the Countries

If there are maps, there will be oil: geologists talk about their own

Strangely enough, Vasily Kolb is optimistic about peat extraction: — The peat industry has been actively developing for three years already, and the area of peat extraction is increasing ( by 19% in 2018

Former UN inspector pins hopes on Lavrov on Syria

I am more or less optimistic that this specific task of eliminating chemical weapons in this difficult Syrian situation will be the very case when the interests of Russia and the United States

Ukraine’s economy started the year with a sharp fall

Libya estimated losses from falling oil production at $2.3 billion since the beginning of the year compared to 2019 levels…

Child mortality: Ukraine has not the worst indicators in Europe

Mar 15, 2017 The Great War. Documentaries. All series from 9 to 12. History of Russia. Movie war.

“Don’t let Ukraine perish”: Savchenko said that the world

After a sharp drop in oil prices and the outbreak of coronavirus in Europe, experts started talking about

Oil mafia Politics

According to his assessment, the fall will be within the statistical error – “percent-two”. Then within 3-5 years the dynamics of oil production in Russia will be on a plateau.

How Lukashenka proved that it is useful to quarrel with Russia

How Lukashenka proved that it is useful to quarrel with Russia why prices collapsed on

How Lukashenka proved that it is useful to quarrel with Russia

How Lukashenka proved that it is useful to quarrel with Russia why prices collapsed on

Oil prices fell again

The United States named the smallmum price at which they will reduce shale oil production

Oil prices accelerated growth

On Friday afternoon, oil prices on the world market accelerated their growth rates to 5%, RIA Novosti reports. This morning, world oil prices showed growth during trading on the London ICE exchange within three percent. Course

Medvedev and Putin are comfortable communicating with the Obama adsmallstration

In an exclusive interview with the Prensa Latina news agency, Dmitry Medvedev said that he and Vladimir Putin are comfortable communicating with the current US adsmallstration. Material presented by InoTV.

Half a billion from Abramovich: Chemezov’s stepdaughter has acquired

What connects billionaire Roman Abramovich and MGIMO teacher, fashion model Anastasia Ignatova, who is the stepdaughter of the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov? Mansion in the center of Moscow worth 500 million […]

Why Russia does not send troops to Ukraine

Yes, I put a bolt on such Kyiv. For 25 lives in Estonia, starting from the moment when they changed the master from Moscow to Amer and called it independence, I know better than you yourself what is happening there now.

Antonov spoke about the foundation of mutual understanding between Russians and

Antonov spoke about the foundation of mutual understanding between Russians and Americans – Read more on the RT website in Russian. All the details on the website

promPR PR in industry

The US Department of Energy has published a long-term forecast, which says that the price of Brent oil could reach $183 per barrel by 2050 in case of high production costs and low availability of resources.

What is the difference between Surkov and Kozak on the Ukrainian front

As a result of Russia’s refusal to reduce oil production, and Saudi Arabia’s answer to a firm "NO" our country with a statement about increasing production and high premiums for importers of black

Economy. Russia is again stepping on the rake of 1991

Oil production is gradually increasing – now Russia is fulfilling its obligations under + by 93%, and after that, the likelihood of extending the agreement to reduce production is decreasing.

B. Putin signed a law on the gradual reduction of duties on air

V. Putin Signs Law to Gradually Reduce Oil Export Duties —Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law to reduce oil export duties as part of a tax maneuver in the oil industry.

Posts of Dow Jones News

Oil futures fell again on Wednesday, as reports of the resumption of oil production in Libya and a negative report on crude stocks in the US put pressure on the market.

The American Interest (USA): How Russia plans to win

While I was somewhat pleased with Clinton’s defeat in the 2016 American elections, I have never, if you remember, been particularly enthusiastic about about Trump.

“Plan B” as a tradition. Ukraine has started to implement the plan

The issue is the volume of transit. In April 2018, the head of Gazprom A. Miller said that the company could maintain gas transit through the territory of Ukraine after 2019 in the amount of 10-15 bcm/year.

Overview of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine

The government of Belarus is still trying to achieve the goal of an average wage of 1,000 rubles. per month. For this, efforts will be focused on enterprises where

The latest GDP news, events, facts, expert opinions

In the April report, the average oil price in 2017 is forecast at $55.23 per barrel, in 2018 – $55.06 . Compared to the January review, the expected […] Read more


The Rome conference on software engineering techniques was intended as a direct sequel to the conference on soft-ware engineering held in Garmisch, Germany, 7th to 11th October 1968. The Rome conference took on a form rather different from that of the conference in Garmisch and hence the resemblance between this report and its predecessor

France. Oil, gas, coal

In the US, the IEA unexpectedly recorded a decrease in oil production in January 2020 compared to December 2019 – by 150 thousand barrels per day, to 17.7 million barrels per day day. In general, according to the results of 2019

Forecast for the dollar for the near future in 2019 from analysts

What will happen to the ruble in 2019? What is the forecast for the dollar in 2019? Should we expect a default and what do analysts and experts predict? What will happen to the dollar in the near future – 3 options for the development of the event

PRONicaragua – Investments

Agribusiness. Historically known as “The Breadbasket of Central America,” Nicaragua is recognized for its ideal climate and fertile soils with optimum conditions to produce a wide variety of agricultural products, from forest plantations in the Atlantic Region to shrimp farming and industrial fishing in the coastal areas of the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea.