Coconut oil for hair. Application. Means and masks

Natural coconut oil is a special product. It is widely used in cosmetology due to the fact that it has unique properties that allow you to quickly and easily improve your appearance.

Coconut oil: useful properties and applications

Cleopatra herself used it to maintain youth and beauty. Coconut oil is an indispensable nourishing and rejuvenating drug that is actively used today.

China National Machinery Corporation

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News. Uzbekistan

in Kyrgyzstan – 59 cents (Ai-80) and 63 cents (Ai-91), in Tajikistan – 98 cents (Ai-91). However, the smallstry of Finance acknowledges that comparing energy prices does not always provide a clear answer.

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How to lose weight by 10 kg in a month

If you are thinking about how to lose weight by 10 kg in a month, a diet will help you! 🙂 First of all, you need to exclude salt and sugar from the diet. These are two white deaths for a figure.

Finding the inverse matrix by the method of algebraic additions

Help me understand my mistakes, and there are a lot of them, I’m sure the first 3 functions work, though 3 not always, and then the program freezes …

How Silicon Valley turned into a den of spies

An ex-intelligence officer told Politico: “Some of the activities in which Rusnano USA participated are not only about obtaining technology, but also about introducing people into venture companies in

passionate clattering: making

making a fishing net venter making tiles and at business sign making in china making pattern making making…

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In early November, several explosions thundered in Kabul, as well as in the provinces of Uruzgan and Bamiyan, where the Taliban de facto rule, and there were many victims.

Geoffrey Robinson. Millionaires in the red, or how to let tgo

Slater: “Without a doubt, I myself began to believe in the image that the press created for me. Almost every day I read in the newspapers how smart and brilliant I am. In the City, I was often called “master”.


а International Center for Scientific Cooperation “Science and Education” SCIENCE AND INNOVATION IN THE 21st CENTURY: TOPICAL ISSUES, DISCOVERIES AND ACHIEVEMENTS collection of articles of the VI International Scientific and Practical Conference ,

Peters Ralph. War 2020 (Full text) – ModernLib.Net

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a blinding flash in the sky where one of his helicopters had been. Lieutenant Rossi. When the flash faded, the crippled car rushed towards the ground in front of Taylor’s eyes.

Internal search 1610

Most search engines look for information on World Wide Web sites, but there are also systems that can search for files on FTP servers, products in online stores, and also


Vladimir Sanfirov: Hello, Vladimir Vladimirovich! Valery Sanfirov, Mayak radio station. I wanted to ask one thing, but today I listened to the weather forecast, they said that there would be no snow until the end of December.

Harrison Colin Electric bodies – read online, download

The yellow press also seized on this case, and if you lived in New York at that time and read the New York Post, you could see photo of a man in a raincoat clutching a briefcase and rushing

Starostina Svetlana Andreevna Legal regulation of the fight against the disease

The present regulation has been developed in accordance with the “Model regulation on courses at higher and secondary specialized educational institutions” No. 2504 of 07/19/9…in full>>


The stability of quotations on the secondary market and the absence of sharp jumps testify to the correct approach to setting the placement price. As a result, three-year papers were placed with

Geoffrey Robinson. Millionaires in the red, or how to let tgo

Slater: “Without a doubt, I myself began to believe in the image that the press created for me. Almost every day I read in the newspapers how smart and brilliant I am. In the City, I was often called “master”.

Calaméo – Corruption and clans in Uzbekistan

In 1993 this share was 27%, in 1994 – 39%, in 1995 – 45%, and in 1996 – 46%. In 1998, approximately 58-60 million people were connected in one way or another with the shadow economy64.

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GAZ Sobol in 2019: prices, reviews, characteristics business from scratch

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vanilla yogurt, honey-roasted peanuts and peanut butter, the second – a mixture of coffee yogurt with

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The big book of the store manager.

Dear colleagues! This is the third edition of the Store Manager’s Book. This book, which first appeared on sale in 2005, immediately aroused great interest among retailers and became a bestseller